Keto Trends: Food Good for Your Teeth

Did you know there are good and bad foods you can eat on a keto diet? Specifically, there are foods that are better or worse for your teeth. Whether or not you choose the hygienic side of the diet, you can keep your teeth freshest with the AutoBrush electric toothbrush. If you want to go a step further, here’s a list of healthy keto foods for your teeth.


Low-carb vegetables




While the main appeal of the keto diet is the huge amount of fat and protein you get to you put into your diet like cheese and meats, the main staple of a healthy keto diet is vegetables. Specifically, low-carb vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cauliflower. These vegetables contain numerous vitamins and antioxidants that are helpful to your overall health and contribute to oral health as well. They are not acidic foods so they will help keep your breath neutral as opposed to smellier foods. The hard crunch of vegetables like broccoli can also help scrape off excess film over teeth.




Keto Cheese


A fan-favorite of those on the keto diet and anyone who likes to eat, cheese is a dental superfood along with a long list of others. Like other keto foods, cheese is low-carb and contains many fats. It also contains calcium which essential for healthy oral hygiene. It also helps to remove and prevent stains on teeth.




Keto avocado


Avocados are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals which make them an easy choice for healthy foods. They don’t have a terrible effect on your breath and don’t cause any damage to teeth. They do add a tasty addition to most meals and have plenty of fat for a keto diet.


Coconut Oil


Keto coconut oil


While coconut oil has no properties that are explicitly good for your teeth, it’s one of the healthiest oils you can consume and doesn’t hurt your teeth or breath.




Keto Yogurt


Although it’s potentially smellier on the breath than cheese, dairy products, in general, are usually good for the teeth. They contain essential vitamins that help to keep teeth strong and in good shape.




Keto nuts


Like most of the foods on the list, nuts are filled with vitamins that help keep you healthy. Consistent nut consumption helps the entire body, this includes aging, reduced risk of certain diseases, and of course the health of your mouth.




Keto olives


Ever wonder why olive oil is so good for you? It’s because it’s made from olives! Olives have an antioxidant that is an anti-inflammatory and are also known to prevent bone loss. Hello, teeth! A serving of olives contains only 2 carbs. Wow!

There are plenty of foods on the keto diet that are safe to consume for you oral-hygienic health, so don’t be afraid if you’re looking to make the switch!


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