Hollywood's Holiday Smiles

  1. Jake Gyllenhaal
  2. Kerry Washington
  3. Bradley Cooper
  4. Julia Roberts
  5. Idris Elba


The holiday season is the season of joy and smiles. We just can’t help but feel warm and happy inside. Whenever this season comes, people just tend to smile a lot and enjoy the overall cheery atmosphere.

When it comes to smiling and looking good in general, Hollywood stars make a living out of it. They are considered to be one of the most beautiful people in the world. We look up to them and admire them for their talent and amazing smiles. With such beautiful pearly whites, they should also be an inspiration for us to better take care of our teeth. They are proof that a smile can indeed go a long way.

Jake Gyllenhaal

This man has been acting on the screen and stage since he was a child. Jake Gyllenhaal’s talent for acting is unquestionable. You could say that he was born to be an actor. Aside from his acting talents, his smile also makes the ladies swoon whenever he’s on the big screen or on the red carpet.


Jake Gyllenhaal smiling, for AutoBrush

Jake Gyllenhaal by UPI


Kerry Washington

There are smiles that are amazing. There are smiles that instantly charm you. When it comes to smiles that make you feel warm and fuzzy, Kerry Washington’s smile is one of the best. Acting talent, beauty and a warm smile. That’s a winning combo in my book.


Kerry Washington with Tracee Ellis Ross, for AutoBrush

Kerry Washington with Tracee Ellis Ross by News One


Bradley Cooper

The A-Team, The Hangover and Guardians of the Galaxy. These are just some of the movies where Bradley Cooper starred in. His charming smile and rugged good looks have been charming women ever since he first appeared on the big screen.


Bradley Cooper smiling, for AutoBrush

Bradley Cooper by 4ever.eu


Julia Roberts

It would be a crime not to include this amazing woman on this list. Julia Roberts has captivated us with her smile ever since she first appeared in the movie with Richard Gere (another great actor with an awesome smile btw). She definitely deserves the title Pretty Woman. Keep on smiling Julia!


Julia Roberts smiling, for AutoBrush

Julia Roberts by Today


Idris Elba

This English actor with his captivating eyes and charming pearly whites rose to stardom by starring in high profile superhero films like the Thor movies series and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. He also starred in sci/fi action flicks Star Trek Beyond and Prometheus. Whatever role he is playing, this beautiful man will always steal the spotlight.


Idris Elba smiling, for AutoBrush

Idris Elba by Variety


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