Famous Teeth in History

Teeth are important to keep clean and healthy, but we can also have some fun learning about famous teeth in our history. They weren’t all hygienic back then, but sadly that’s what we can remember them by. Let’s dive into the past and check out how clean people really were. 

George Washington

We all know who George Washington was, but do we all know about his teeth? Washington was dealing with dental troubles for most of his life and back then there weren’t many solutions as to how one would solve his teeth troubles. His teeth actually started to fall out before he was the age of 30 which would be deathly terrifying for any of us to go through. By the time that he became president, he only had one tooth left in his mouth that later had to be pulled as well. I’m sorry to say that his dentures that he wore daily were not actually made of wood, contrary to the myth/belief that they were. There’s research that his false teeth were actually made from human teeth, rare hippopotamus ivory and metal fasteners. Weird right? Poor George.

George Washington portrait, for AutoBrush blog

Queen Elizabeth I

It was stated that Queen Elizabeth I had a sweet tooth and we all know that sweets lead directly to cavities if not taken care of properly. She was not excited about the dentist. Thus leading to the rotting of her teeth, turning a blackish color and spewing out a gross odor that no one cared to experience. This resulted in her losing most of her teeth, making it hard for people to understand her when she would talk.

Queen Elizabeth I portrait, for AutoBrush blog

Mick Jagger

A fun and interesting fact from Mick Jagger. Beatles rival and Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger actually had a diamond stud inserted into one of his front teeth. The funny part about this fact is that the diamond actually took over the spot where an emerald was placed because people kept mistaking it as spinach in his teeth.

These are just a few of the many stories out there about famous teeth in history. The takeaway is to not beat yourself up too bad if you forget to brush one night or floss because there is always worse out there : )

Black and white close-up photo of Mick Jagger on stage, for AutoBrush blog


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