Do You Have A Kid's Menu?

A kid’s oral hygiene is one of their most important facets of health. A good brushing routine is important, but there’s more to adolescent oral hygiene than just getting them on a good brushing routine, which we outlined here. From the time you start brushing your child’s teeth, an equally important factor is their diet. Eating the right foods not only helps your child grow up healthy and strong, but it also plays a vital role in their oral hygiene development. Even though it sounds straightforward, there might be some things on the list of good and bad foods that you wouldn’t expect.

One key variable with foods that affect your teeth is acid. Much like foods that stain your teeth, foods that are bad for your children’s teeth are generally acidic. That’s because acid can eat away at teeth and form cavities.

Foods and drinks that you generally want to steer towards will help to remove acid from the teeth and provide health benefits through minerals and vitamins.


A child with beautiful teeth.


Fruits and Vegetables


Most fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of fiber, and higher fiber is typically better for your mouth. High fiber foods are extremely effective at removing acidic or other types of coverings from teeth. Not only that, but they increase saliva production due to the amount of chewing necessary for them. Saliva helps to destroy harmful acids in your mouth, so more saliva is usually a good thing.

Most of these foods also have more water content than other foods, which helps to rinse the mouth and balance against high-sugar foods. The calcium contained in many fruits and vegetables is helpful for rebuilding damaged teeth.


An assortment of fruits and vegetables.



“Real” teas, AKA either black or green teas, are known to actually destroy bacteria in the mouth. Particularly, they fight the exact type of bacteria that causes plaque. This is due to chemicals called polyphenols that are in green and black tea.


A cup of tea.




Nuts are some of the healthiest foods on the planet and there’s no exception when it comes to teeth. They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that all help keep you healthy. Walnuts specifically are packed with vitamins that help keep your mouth and teeth in tip-top shape.





If you’re looking to freshen up your breath, dairy may not be the best choice. It’s on our list as one of the potential bad breath foods. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not good for your teeth. Dairy foods and drinks are typically extremely helpful to teeth and oral hygiene. They are packed with calcium which helps to rebuild teeth.


Dairy foods like eggs, milk, and cheese.


Sugar-Free Gum


Just like high fiber fruits and vegetables, chewing sugar-free gum promotes increased saliva in the mouth which helps to fight acid. The chewing act also helps to remove bacterial layers leftover from previous foods.


On The Menu


At the end of the day, foods and drinks that contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals are the ones that are best to give to our kids. They’re not only great for their oral health, but they’re essential for a healthy diet. When it’s time, consider getting them an AutoBrush to complete their hygienic journey.


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