Christmas Gift Guide For The Kids

  1. AutoBrush for Kids V3
  2. AutoBrush Kids Foaming Toothpaste
  3. AutoBrush Extra Kids Brush Head


Take yourself back to when you were a kid. Now, think of all the things that you love to do during the holiday season. I am willing to bet that it involves lots of eating, playing in the snow and opening gifts. Think of all the candied corn that you ate. The minced pies that you stuffed your face with. How about egg nogs that you just cannot get enough of. After gorging on all those delicious treats, your parents probably reminded you to brush your teeth. And as a kid who is busy eating and opening Christmas presents, you probably put them aside and took the time to brush your teeth. Just kidding. We completely ignored them and kept stuffing our faces while playing with our new toys. Such is the freedom of being a kid.


We now know how important dental hygiene is. And to those of you who already have kids, you know all too well how difficult it is to make your kids brush their teeth. Since Christmas is almost upon us, how about giving your kids the gift of dental hygiene. Check out these gift ideas that would surely entice your kids to brush their teeth.


AutoBrush for Kids V3


What do you get when you combine the AutoBrush with a toy? You’ll get the AutoBrush for Kids. It is as effective as the AutoBrush for adults when it comes to cleaning teeth but was designed to make it more fun for kids. The lively music and fancy lights would definitely entice your kids to brush their teeth more often.


AutoBrush Kids Foaming Toothpaste


If you ask a kid why they don’t like brushing their teeth, one of the answers would be because of how the toothpaste tastes. Not everyone, especially kids, like the minty flavor. The AutoBrush Kids Foaming Toothpaste solves this problem by giving it a flavor that all kids like. Bubble gum! It still deeply cleanses the teeth and removes carcinogenic plaque but with a fun twist.


AutoBrush Extra Kids Brush Head

Made with silicone bristles and antibacterial silicone, it has the same cleaning power as the one for adults but made specifically for kids. It can be safely used with braces, veneers, crowns, fillings and other dental appliance. It’s a great gift if your child already has the AutoBrush for Kids. 


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