Canine Teeth

Canine teeth, only dogs have those right? Wrong. People have them too and they’re the teeth that allow for rotary chewing action. You may be wondering why we are writing a blog about this subject, but we think it’s important to not only keep your teeth clean, but for you to also know the important functions of your teeth in general.


What are your Canine Teeth Anyway?

Your canine teeth are located at the corners of your dental arches. They have a sharp and pointy biting surface. There are four of them, each located in each half of the jaw. It has an oversized root which is a characteristic of a large canine. 

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Why do you need them?

For us, canine teeth play a major role in eating, speaking and actually maintaining the shape of your lips. Canines help cut and tear your food when eating so you can swallow the bite-sized pieces. In terms of speaking, your canines work with your incisors to help form words. Most importantly, they keep your teeth in line by maintaining the position of your upper and lower teeth when your lower jaw is moving from side to side.

How are our canine teeth different from an animal’s?

Yes, we all have canine teeth, but there are differences in the sizing and use of them. For animals, canines are another way to attack or kill but the main function for ours are to tear apart food to digest. They do only have four canines like we do and they are located in the same areas as ours are.

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