Can I Have Another Drink?

All straight-edge people or those who have given up the drink need not read this, we all envy you! This is for those who like to have a drink or two at the end of the day, whether it’s wine, beer, or your favorite cocktail. Like any other drinks or food, there are alcoholic beverages that are just a wee bit better at staining and eating away at your teeth than others. However, it’s important to note that there is no alcoholic beverage that is good for your teeth. Alcohol in general is unhealthy to consume, and especially in large quantities. Any time of heavy drinking will have negative effects on your teeth, and even increases the risk of oral cancer.
Like with regular drinks, the general rule of thumb is the darker the drink the worse it is for your teeth. It’s no different with alcoholic beverages. Here some of the drinks you’ll want to stay away from.




Yes, it’s unfortunate but true, if you’re an old-western cowboy you’re in trouble because whiskey is bad for your teeth. Not only is the alcohol content in whiskey high because it’s a spirit, it’s dark because it’s aged in barrels. This dark coloration in the alcohol is the worst possible thing you could have touching the teeth in your mouth. It can easily stain them and over time make them the same dark brown color as your beverage. Yuck!


Glass of whiskey.




Beer is actually a double offender, it not only stains your teeth but the acidity in beer works to destroy tooth enamel. We know, beer is one of the most popular drinks in the US. If you can’t avoid it completely, try to stay away from full beers and drink pilsners and light beers. Let’s be clear, these are still bad for your teeth, but they won’t be quite as damaging as something like a stout or IPA.


Glasses of beer.


Dark Rum


If you’re like Jack Sparrow and love your rum, try staying away from brown and black rum and stick with light ones. The unfortunate reality is dark rums will work the same way on your teeth as whiskey and help to stain them that ugly dark color that nobody wants.


Glass of rum.


Red Wines


Red wines are made with darker grapes and fruits and as a result have a darker color. Just like those fruits, wine is extremely acidic and will eat away at tooth enamel. This becomes worse when you combine it with the staining capabilities of red wines. The darker the wine the more strongly it will stain your teeth. If you don’t want red and dark purple teeth, it might be a better idea to try switching over to a white wine for your nightly glass.


Glass of red wine.

If you’re a regular drinker, consider investing in an AutoBrush electric toothbrush which can help you get a better clean and better stain prevention than using a regular brush. Remember, no alcohol is good for your teeth. It’s all damaging in one way or another. It’s best to try to keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum.


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