How to win the “brush war” against your kid?

Many mothers can relate when we talk about “brush wars” with their kids. There could be a lot of screaming and tears (from both sides) involved just because your little one doesn’t like to brush their teeth. Good news for all you struggling moms and dads out there: a groundbreaking toothbrush for kids is now available to end the “brush wars” with your children! 


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AutoBrush for Kids is an innovative technology to let giddy toddlers enjoy the routine of brushing their teeth. Parents, say goodbye to time lost jumping through hoops just so your kids will oblige and brush their teeth. And children, say hello to a whole new level of keeping your teeth clean and healthy while having fun. 

How does AutoBrush for Kids work?


AutoBrush for Kids is a fun, automatic toothbrush your child can use to take care of their oral health effectively yet in an enjoyable and convenient way. What makes AutoBrush for Kids so efficient is the ultrasonic technology. When turned on, AutoBrush for Kids produces 5,000 vibrations per second causing deep penetration of the fluid between the teeth and along the gum line, resulting in a deep cleaning without being too rough on kids teeth. This means faster brushing time, with bristles that are powerful yet safe, effectively removing harmful bacteria - all accompanied with an adorable jungle animal friend!

How is AutoBrush for Kids different from your regular toothbrush?


Forget about your regular toothbrush because it has no comparison to the AutoBrush for Kids. 


Most oral concerns for children are results of not brushing properly or even using the wrong toothbrush. This is also a reason why your child won’t brush their teeth: they don’t want the toothbrush they are using. It could be that the bristles are too harsh and are hurting their gums or the cleaning process is too slow and boring. 

But with AutoBrush for Kids and Adults, your brushing can be a start of a bonding moment with your kids and the rest of your family. Make the right choice for your children and for yourself. End the brush wars and make happy smiles, with AutoBrush for Kids!


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