Best and Worst Drinks For Your Teeth

  1. Best Drinks For Your Teeth
  2. Light Beer
  3. Gin and Tonic
  4. Worst Drinks For Your Teeth
  5. Whiskey and Coke
  6. Vodka Cranberry
  7. Other Alcoholic Beverages


During the holiday seasons, we are all about celebrations and gatherings that we eat and drink anything set on the table. Some health conscious individuals would be more attentive of their holiday diet but mostly because of the fear of gaining weight, not because they are concerned of your pearly whites.


Obviously, staying away from alcoholic beverages and sodas during the holidays is beyond however consuming everything in moderation is the key to keeping your teeth as healthy as possible.


Best Drinks For Your Teeth


There really aren’t any specific alcoholic beverage or soda that is healthy but these drinks are less harmful to your dental health.


Light Beer


Low carb beers with higher water content and lower acidity levels make these brews relatively safer options when it comes to keeping your oral health in place. Choosing lighter colored beers can also prevent staining the surface of your teeth’s enamel.


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Gin and Tonic


Having sips of gin and tonic are a safer alternative to most cocktail drinks when talking about dental health. Gin and tonic are both clear in color so it will not blemish your teeth. Like beer, gin and tonic have low acidity levels which means they do not cause as much damage.


Worst Drinks For Your Teeth


With a combination of higher acidity levels, a tremendous amount of sugar and dark colors, these are the drinks you should avoid during the holiday seasons.


Whiskey and Coke


Both are high in acidity level, both are dark colored drinks, this drink is your dentist’s worst nightmare. Not only will it leave a surface-level stain, acidity will cause damage to you enamel and resulting to cavity.


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Vodka Cranberry


Did you know that a can or a regular cranberry juice has more sugar as compared to a can of soda? Don’t be fooled by the “fruit” label. This could cause deep- level stain on your teeth. Skipping the mixers is not a solution. Vodka is still rough on your enamel which may cause high sensitivity on your teeth and gums.


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Other Alcoholic Beverages


Any alcohol that is consumed beyond moderation can be dangerous to your oral health. Alcohol has a drying effect that reduce the amount of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is one of the mouth's natural defenses against damage, it is important to have enough.


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