What’s the difference between the AutoBrush & AutoBrush Pro?

Which u-shaped toothbrush is better: the AutoBrush or the AutoBrush Pro?

If you’ve been searching for a superior clean, look no further than the AutoBrush and AutoBrush Pro. Both u-shaped toothbrushes remove plaque 27 times better than traditional brushes and use the ADA-approved BASS brushing technique to provide a thorough clean along the gum line.

But what are the key differences between these automatic sonic toothbrushes?

Let’s take a closer look… 


The differences between the AutoBrush & AutoBrush Pro 

AutoBrush vs AutoBrush Pro

Timers & Cleaning Modes 

While the AutoBrush and AutoBrush Pro are both great options, the Pro model includes a few extra features, like different timers and cleaning modes, that create a personalized brushing experience. 

The AutoBrush Pro allows you to customize your brushing experience with three cleaning modes including: 

⭐️ Care Mode: Provides high vibrations frequencies and is perfect for daily use.

⭐️ Deep Clean Mode: Provides a combination of high & low vibrations. 

⭐️ Massage Mode: Provides lower vibrations and is great for individuals with sensitive gums. 

    The AutoBrush Pro also has three timer modes for both kids and adults. Kids have the option of 30 and 60-second cycles with music and a 60-second cycle without music. AutoBrush Pro adult users have the choice between 30, 60, and 90-second cycles. 

    To simplify the brushing experience, our standard AutoBrush only has one cleaning mode and one 30- second timer mode.

    Water Exposure 

    The AutoBrush standard brush is water-resistant. Occasional water exposure from rinsing your brush is safe. However, to avoid damaging your brush, do not submerge it.  

    That being said, if you prefer brushing your teeth in the shower, our fully waterproof AutoBrush Pro is the choice for you.

    🦷️Toothy Tip: Both the AutoBrush and the AutoBrush Pro charging stations are not waterproof and should always be placed in dry areas. Dry off your brush before attempting to charge. 



    Music makes brushing fun and helps little brushers stay engaged. 

    This is why both the AutoBrush: Kids and AutoBrush Pro: Kids include jungle music on the 30 and 60-second brushing cycle, however the tune itself is different. 

    Note: Adult brush bodies do not include music. 


    LED Light Therapy 

    One of the biggest differences between the AutoBrush and the AutoBrush Pro is that the Pro has safe and functional LED light therapies. These therapies include:

    ⭐️ Blue: Blue LED light has antibacterial properties and gives you dental-grade whitening at home

    ⭐️ Red: Red therapeutic LED light promotes gum health and reduces inflammation

    ⭐️ Dual Purple: The benefit of both therapies in one




    For kids, the design of their toothbrushes can make all the difference in their experience. 

    The AutoBrush Pro: Kids allows them to pick between our silly jungle characters including:

    ⭐️ Harley the Hippo

    ⭐️ Ziggy the Zebra

    ⭐️ Mattie the Monkey

    ⭐️ Lenni the Lion

    ⭐️ And even, Daniel Tiger

    AutoBrush Pro users can also choose between multiple colors including blue, pink, black, and white. 

    For our standard AutoBrush users, your choice is limited to the friendly-faced Kori the Koala for kids and a white brush body for adults. 

    Price Comparison 

    The AutoBrush & AutoBrush: Kids are both great choices for those financially-conversative, starting as low as $77 when you subscribe.

    🦷️Toothy Tip: Subscriptions allow you to save 10% on your orders.  We'll deliver a new brush head for $20 every 3 months with free shipping. 

    Considering the extra features Pro brushes offer, the AutoBrush Pro starts at $112, and the AutoBrush Pro: Kids at $121. 

    Try AutoBrush before you buy

    Your oral care is important, and choosing a toothbrush that works for you and your family is a big decision. At AutoBrush, we stand by our products and want you to feel confident in your choice. Now you can try an AutoBrush for 14 days FREE before purchasing. 

    To learn more about Try Before You Buy, click below:

    👉 Try the AutoBrush

    👉 Try the AutoBrush Pro



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