Are Whiter Teeth Healthier?

Everybody loves to have whiter teeth. Our culture finds the look attractive, and it makes us feel clean. But is it actually any healthier, or is it merely an aesthetic obsession?

Yellow Teeth


Yellow Teeth


If you ask most people if they want yellow teeth, it’s obvious what the answer will be. Most people don’t want yellow teeth. They aren’t seen as appealing and most people view them as a sign of poor oral hygiene and lack of care. But is it true?

The reality is natural teeth are supposed to have a light yellow tint. Teeth aren’t naturally supposed to be perfectly white, which is why we need products and dental visits to help make them that way.

The dentin beneath your enamel is yellow. Meanwhile, enamel on your teeth is translucent, so the yellow is supposed to show through.

White Teeth


White Teeth


While white teeth are the society standard, they’re actually not any healthier than yellow teeth. Now, if teeth are dark yellow it’s a problem, but light yellow teeth are what a healthy set of teeth look like.

This shouldn’t discourage you from whitening your teeth. Rather, it should serve as a comfort to those who don’t partake in whitening. Know that the light yellow in your teeth is natural and not a sign of poor dental hygiene.

How to Whiten Safely

If you are interested in whitening your teeth to get the preference you want, there are safe ways to go about whitening without spending a large sum at the dentist.

AutoBrush offers a complete teeth whitening kit that can be used effectively to whiten teeth without any pain, and in quick, easy steps. For emergency or travel situations, AutoBrush also offers and on-the-go whitening pen that you can take anywhere.

The AutoBrush electric toothbrush comes with blue light whitening technology to pair with the whitening pens offered on the shop.

Remember that as long as you’re following a comprehensive at-home dental routine, you can keep your teeth healthy.


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