5 Habits Destroying Your Smile

Are one or more of these common 5 habits ruining your smile? Check them out to know one and for all!


  1. Not flossing

Brushing your teeth two times per day is vital, yet numerous patients don't understand that flossing once a day is equally as important to achieve a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth and fresh breath! Flossing liberates you teeth of hidden bacteria causing microscopic organisms to rot your mouth. " Although bleeding and irritation sometimes can occur when you first start flossing, it's important to keep at it," says Dr. Ghareeb. " Your gums will toughen up and your oral health will be better for it."


  1. Brushing too early in the wake of eating 

Eating acidic foods, caffeinated drinks, citrus products, wine, and tomatoes, can dissolve tooth enamel—the reflexive external layer of the tooth. Brushing your teeth too early in the wake of eating and drinking anti-dental-friendly foods can cause more harm since you are basically brushing the acid into the teeth, not disposing of it. Rather, you should rinse your mouth with water in the wake of consumption for no less than 30 minutes before brushing your pearly chompers!


  1. Not supplanting your toothbrush regularly enough

Not only are old toothbrushes not ass effective, they harbor harmful microorganisms that can cause tooth decay and disease. Toothbrushes or brush head should be replaced every three to four months. " It's also important to change your toothbrush after you've had a cold," says Dr. Ghareeb.


  1. Teeth Bleaching

Excessive bleaching can make your teeth look unnaturally white and increase sensitivity. Before utilizing an at-home bleaching product, converse with your dental specialist. " He or she can advise you on proper use of these products as well as which type of bleaching system will provide you with the best results," says Dr. Ghareeb.


  1. Utilizing a hard-bristled toothbrush

A hard-bristled toothbrush combined with poor brushing method can make irreversible harm your gums. The AutoBrush is a smart toothbrush that automatically brushes your teeth with professional methods, and uses replaceable brush heads made out of silicone to keep your teeth and gums safe. Check it out here if interested!


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