10 Gift Ideas For Your Techie Friend

  1. AutoBrush V3
  2. Automatic Fresh Breath Tongue Scraper
  3. Whitening Tray
  4. Smart Garden 3
  5. Awair Air Quality Monitor
  6. ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor
  7. Roku Ultra
  8. Temperature Control Smart Mug
  9. LED Lantern Speaker
  10. PowerCore Portable Charger


In this fast-paced world, the best gift you can give your loved one is one that can give them convenience in their everyday life. Here are some of the latest gadgets that you can practically use everyday:


AutoBrush V3

Price: $99

Our AutoBrush V3 is an absolute game changer in the dental world. It is like having a robot dentist inside your mouth that automatically clean and whiten your mouth everyday. Just like having your teeth and gums professionally cleaned. It has a dental grade LED light that keeps your teeth white and clean all day. Braces? No worries! AutroBrush V3 is safe to use with braces, veneers, crowns, fillings, or any other dental work.

Add an Extra Brush Head for a continued dental hygiene result.


Four different AutoBrush on white background, for AutoBrush


Automatic Fresh Breath Tongue Scraper

Price: $12

You probably know already that the tongue is one of the causes of bad breath and tooth decay. Our one-of-a-kind Automatic Fresh Breath Tongue Scraper seamlessly removes all odor-causing bacteria from your tongue. Feel more confident with a fresher and cleaner mouth all day long.


Automatic Tongue Scraper, for AutoBrush



Whitening Tray

Price: $12

If you want your teeth to be  whiter, up to six times, this is the perfect addition to you AutoBrush. Whitening Tray is compatible with your AutoBrush V2 and V3 to achieve pearly white teeth that are both clean and healthy all the time. This AutoBrush Whitening Tray was made with maximum whitening in mind. It allows your teeth full exposure to the AutoBrush's whitening LED blue light.


Whitening Tray on white background, for AutoBrush


Smart Garden 3

Price: $64.99

Make your home sustainable with this self-watering indoor garden. No big space required. Have your herbs and vegetables ready in months for a fresher and healthier lifestyle. 


Indoor garden on white background, for AutoBrush


Awair Air Quality Monitor

Price: $171.84

Keep track of your of your atmosphere at home with this breakthrough. See the invisible CO2, dust, humidity, toxins, and other gunk in the air and receive real time feedback on how to improve the health of your space via the free Awair app.


Air quality monitor on white background, for AutoBrush


ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

Price: $55.49

With the help of their user-friendly app, find out what is happening in the hood of your vehicle. It will give your real time alert on the health of your engine and decodes engine error codes, saving you a lot of bucks on a trip to the mechanic.


Vehicle healthy monitor on white background, for AutoBrush


Roku Ultra

Price: $99.37

Experience one the best streaming services with Roku Ultra. It is built with a powerful quad core processor to give you more than 500,000 movies and episodes and 75,000+ free entertainment options. This comes with a free mobile app for both iOS and Android. Perfect for binge-watching during the holidays.


Roku ultra on white background, for AutoBrush


Temperature Control Smart Mug

Price: $124.94

Keep your coffee always hot or at the exact temperature your prefer. Have full control of your coffee through using your smartphone with the Ember App. It is made of stainless steel with an updated ceramic coating to reduce scratching. It can be set for espresso, tea and more.


Temperature control mug on white background, for AutoBrush


LED Lantern Speaker

Price: $110

Make your camping experience more exciting with this gadget that combines two camping necessities in one: an LED lamp and a bluetooth speaker. This could add to a more cozy atmosphere while being surrounded by nature. Play your favorite campfire tracks by connecting the LED Lantern Speaker to your phone and you are good to go.


LED lantern and speaker on white background, for AutoBrush


PowerCore Portable Charger

Price: $49.99

Keep all your techie stuff running with this handy 20100mAh portable charger. Powered by Anker’s latest technology that delivers the fastest charging possible. Works on both iOS and Android cords.


Portable charger on white background, for AutoBrush

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