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Clinically proven to remove plaque 27x better than a manual toothbrush.

Top researchers at SALUS concluded AutoBrush® safely and effectively removes plaque 26.6 times better than ADA manual toothbrushes.

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What makes autobrush different than regular toothbrushes?

We are the only u-shaped toothbrush with a patented nylon brush head (as opposed to silicone) with a clinical study to back our claims. In our study with Salus Research, they found autobrush removed plaque 27X better than a traditional brush.

Additionally, in our most recent study revealed that AutoBrush achieves a remarkable 45% reduction in gingivitis after 30 days of use, providing a 5X greater reduction in gum inflammation compared to manual toothbrushes.

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Do cheaper u-shaped toothbrushes clean just as good as autobrush?

Nope! Those knockoffs with silicone bristles were shown in several studies to be as effective as not brushing at all.

How effective is autobrush on the gum line?

In our clinical study with Salus Research, autobrush was proven to clean a full 20X better along the gumline than a traditional toothbrush.

You can read the whole study here:

Read our results summary

Read the full study

Are there clinical studies to prove autobrush works?

We have 1 clinical study (at the moment, more to come!). We are the only u-shaped toothbrush on the market shown to brush even better than traditional manual toothbrushes.

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Read the full study

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Why choose AutoBrush?

Experience superior oral hygiene with AutoBrush, the best u-shaped toothbrush. Our bundle and save collections offer a remarkable selection of the best electric toothbrush for kids. Designed with fun and efficiency in mind, these innovative devices make brushing easier and more enjoyable, turning a daily chore into an exciting activity. Perfect for kids just learning the ropes of dental hygiene or for those who find traditional brushing tedious. Our AutoBrush bundles not only promise thorough cleaning but also ensure a healthier, brighter smile for your child. With a range of designs to choose from, fostering good oral habits has never been this convenient and fun.