What's worse than soda?

What’s so bad about Soda?


Soda is widely considered one of the worst beverages for your health. Both in terms of nutritional value and the negative effect it has on teeth. Soda is high in sugar and extremely acidic, making plaque buildup quick and easy when it’s left to sit in the mouth.

It’s not just plaque that’s the problem, it’s also the effect on enamel. The high acidity content makes prolonged consumption of soda break down the enamel of your teeth. If that’s not bad enough, the dark coloring in soda combined with the acidity will stain teeth, causing dark cracks in addition to overall darkening of color.

You might think there can’t be anything worse than soda for your teeth...but you’d be wrong. The scary truth is, in today’s world, there are several beverages that can harm your teeth even more than soda.


Sports Drinks


A sports drink


Believe it or not (but do because there’s research), studies show that sports drinks are just as harmful if not more so to your teeth than soda. People will typically drink these more excessively than they would soda because they don’t seem as bad. But the reality is a lot of these drinks contain just as much sugar and acidity. They can give you all the same horrible side effects as soda including tooth decay, plaque, and staining.




Red wine


Any alcohol beverages are going to be problematic for you teeth. The alcohol is strong and dries out your mouth which deprives it of saliva. Saliva is essential in the maintenance of your oral health.

Wine in particular can be worse than other alcoholic beverages because it also has sugar. Red wine can stain just as well as any other dark juice or soda, but has the additional threat of alcohol and drying out the mouth.

Beverages like wine stick to the teeth and will sit on them for hours and eat away at enamel.


A Proper Hygiene Routine


The only way to prevent these drinks from destroying your teeth is to practice proper oral hygiene at home. The easiest way to do that is with a proper, thorough cleaning that is easily provided by the AutoBrush electric toothbrush. Instead of constantly replacing your brush and worry about which toothpaste to use and how hard or how long to brush, the AutoBrush takes care of the entire process for you. 

Remember to limit your intake of sugary or alcoholic beverages as much as



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