The Wild World of Animal Teeth

Have you ever wondered about the teeth in the animal kingdom? Some are pretty similar to human teeth, while others are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Here are some of the strangest animal teeth we know about.


Naked Mole Rat


A naked mole rat


The naked mole rat is a funny looking creature that comes all the way from East Africa. You can actually get these as pets, but be prepared for a long-term investment as they can live over 30 years. But its teeth are the most interesting thing about it. For one, its two front teeth are attached to the outside of its lips. They are large and protruding and great for digging.






Native to the Atlantic ocean, the Dragonfish lives deep near the bottom of the ocean, about 5,000 feet deep in the ocean. Its diet is what’s found that deep in the water, aka crustaceans. Therefore, its needs a powerful mouth and teeth to effectively eat its food. Not only are its teeth like fangs, they also grow on its tongue.


Tufted Deer


Tufted Deer


There are many deer in the USA, but the tufted deer is native to China. It’s much smaller than regular deer and more rare to spot as well. It only gets to about 2 ½ feet in height. What makes the tufted deer even more interesting is its teeth. It has canines that look like fangs and protrude to the outside of its mouth.


Goosander Tooth Duck


Goosander Toothduck


Another strange one is the Goosander Tooth Duck. If you saw one of these open their mouth out in the wild, it would be a scary experience. Its beak is lined with many tiny saw-like teeth that make it look like a saw you might find in a wood shop. They are native to Great Britain in the western and northern regions.

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