Holiday Lipstick Colors for Your Smile

  1. Lust: Lip Gloss
  2. Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet Second Skin Intense Matte Color
  3. Snow Daze & Snow Nights Frosted Metal Lipstick
  4. BlitzTrance™ Lipstick
  5. Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick


Color your smile with these shining, shimmering, splendid lipsticks and be the life of any party during the holidays.


Lust: Lip Gloss

COLOR: Blitz Gold

Price: $30


Shine through the night with this glistening 24 karat gold pearl lip gloss. Stand out from the crowd with this captivating shade that would look splendid with any glamorous dress you choose. 


Gold lip gloss on white background, for AutoBrush


Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet Second Skin Intense Matte Color

COLOR: Tangerine

Price: $55.59


Holiday events doesn’t always have to be glam. Bring some sunshine to your afternoon barbeque get-together with this perfect shade of tangerine. Match it with your casual Sunday dress that is comfy and festive at the same time.


Tangerine lipstick on white back ground, for AutoBrush


COLOR: Snow Nights - No Chill, Frost Sauce, Fog Snog

Price: $36


Color your lips with the same shade of winter with these frosted metal lipsticks. Mix and match your outfit with these three tints to bring out the chill vibe on your lips. These frosted lip trio is made perfectly to compliment any skin tone with a colorful finish to brighten your holidays. 


Three assorted metallic lipsticks, for AutoBrush


BlitzTrance™ Lipstick

COLOR: Skinsane 

Price: $40


Showcase the color of winter dawn with this creation from Pat McGrath Labs. Add mauve to your favorite lipstick collection and give your lips a hi-fi glow. This lipstick is paraben-free and infused with glistening pigments to make your lips a healthy glow.


Mauve lipstick on white background, for AutoBrush


Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick

COLOR: 111 Ultra Night - Pure Black

Price: $37

Be the star of the glam night party with this pure black ink that would look incredible with your little black dress. You can never go wrong with an all-black, classic look that would make you the most elegant, rocker chic of the night.


Black lipstick on white background, for AutoBrush

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