Countries With The Best Dental Care

  1. Netherlands/Switzerland
  2. Sweden
  3. Mexico
  4. United States
  5. Germany/United Kingdom


Availing of the best dental care will most likely mean that you will have the healthiest and best-looking teeth. Of course, you need to do your part by brushing and flossing every day. By this logic, it is probably safe to assume that if a person has great looking teeth, then it means that he or she is able to avail of the best dental care that money can buy. I mean look at our Hollywood stars. Most if not all of them have great looking teeth. You can also apply this logic to countries. If the majority of people in that country have healthy teeth, then they probably have access to top-notch dental care systems. To the curious, let’s check out some of the countries that have the best dental care in the world.




These two are tied with a DMFT (Decayed, Missing and Filled Teeth) score of 0.9. It is no coincidence as these two countries are famous for their cheeses. It also helps that Switzerland is one of the countries that have the most advanced dental programs.


Amsterdam with bright lights at night, for AutoBrush




With a DMFT score of 0.8, Sweden is not only known for the country that brought us IKEA, but also for citizens that have great-looking teeth.


Water view of Gripsholm Castle in Sweden, for AutoBrush




Affordable and effective dental care system makes Mexico the top choice for most Americans when it comes to dental tourism. With a score of 1.1, it does well enough for our southern neighbor to be included in this list.


Mexico's Palace of Fine Arts, for AutoBrush.


United States


This list wouldn’t be complete without including the good old USA. Even with a score of 1.2, it has excellent dental care systems compared to the rest of the world. Though not the number one country when it comes to dental care, it is still one of the best in the field.


Close up look of the Statue of Liberty, for AutoBrush.


Germany/United Kingdom


We have another tie with a DMFT score of 0.7. This is great as it invalidates the stereotype that the British have bad teeth. The score tells a completely different story. On average, British and German kids have less missing or decayed teeth than the rest of the world.


Statue of a dolphin and a girl with the London bridge at the background, for AutoBrush.



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