“The angle of the bristles and the more powerful vibrations are really going to go far into getting the teeth clean.” 

— Dr. Mikaeya Kalantatri, DDS


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  • How does the trial work?

  • "Dentists everywhere say these don't work! So, what makes AutoBrush different?"

  • Why are other "u-shaped" toothbrushes cheaper on Amazon?

  • "This doesn't look like it'll do a great job reaching the gumline, how effective is it on the gumline?"

  • How does it work to clean the back of the teeth?

  • Where can I learn more about your clinical study?

  • Is AutoBrush ADA approved?

  • Is AutoBrush recommended for kids with disabilities?

  • What are your policies?

  • Does it work with braces and other dental work?

  • What about the tongue?

  • What do the lights do?