Why AutoBrush®?

What is AutoBrush®?

Why use AutoBrush® over a traditional toothbrush (for myself or my child)?

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How To Use The AutoBrush®

How do I assemble my AutoBrush®?

How do I assemble AutoBrush® for Kids?

How many modes does the AutoBrush® have?

How many modes does the AutoBrush® for Kids have?

How long should I brush for?

How do I use the Teeth Whitening Kit with my AutoBrush®?

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Common Questions About The AutoBrush®

I am a dental professional or influencer. Can I partner with you?

Can adults use the AutoBrush® for Kids?

Is the AutoBrush® waterproof?

Is AutoBrush® compatible with braces?

How To Maintain Your AutoBrush®

How do I charge my AutoBrush® or AutoBrush® for Kids?

AutoBrush® Toothpaste Questions

My toothpaste pump isn't working, what should I do?

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