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Autobrush is my best friend when it comes to giving me an everyday, flawless smile. And this new model is just as perfect!"


AutoBrush, Whiten Your Teeth While You Clean!

Clinically-proven results*

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AutoBrush is dedicated to revolutionizing oral hygiene and providing the best possible at-home dental care. With zero effort AutoBrush allows you to have an amazing smile and most importantly keeps your mouth healthy.

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Do People Secretly Judge Your Smile?

A study of North Americans found that an improved smile will make you appear more successful, interesting, and intelligent – as well as more attractive.[1]

Similarly, poorly-kept teeth act as a sort of “kryptonite” for personal and financial success. Job interviews, dinner with in-laws, dates, and nights out are all greatly affected by how confident you are in your own smile. But seeking dental care for daily hygiene-related ailments can run a steep bill and the procedures themselves aren’t comfortable. Really, we’re just too pressed for time in the mornings to get that perfect clean...

But what if you could have your healthiest and brightest smile yet, with zero effort?

What if you always felt confident in your smile, because you received a professional-grade cleaning that same morning?

132 Customer Reviews

It’s So Easy... You’ll Never Skip Brushing Again! People will compliment your smile

Step 1

Apply Professional AutoBrush Foam Toothpaste to brush head.

Step 2

Insert brush head in mouth, press power button, & wait 30 seconds for automatic dental-grade cleaning!

Step 3

Spit and rinse with water. Get a noticeably whiter smile. Simple!

Now: Your Effortlessly Attractive Smile

  • The latest dental technology gently cleans your teeth from every angle
  • LED Blue Light that allows you to use the AutoBrush as a teeth whitening kit
  • Get a full 360 degree cleaning of teeth in hard to reach areas
  • Helps get rid of 99.8% of bacteria
  • Get rid of high dentist bills by getting to hard to reach areas to help prevent cavities
  • Combing your hair, moisturizing your skin, texting, and just about any other morning ritual is now possible while having your teeth cleaned and whitened.

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Don't Let Your Smile Hold You Back

132 Customer Reviews

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132 Customer Reviews