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Ready to give your favorite child a lifetime of healthy smiles?

"I’m excited to see the long lasting results of the AutoBrush for kids and I look forward to the day all my pediatric dental patients are using it."

Dr. Shamus, Dentist

Know a child with special needs who struggles to properly clean their teeth? This new ultrasonic brush is helping children around the world!

Finally, A Brush Designed For People With Sensory Issues

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AutoBrush® for Kids is proud to aid children towards a better and more independent brushing experience, especially those who have difficulty brushing with a manual or traditional electric toothbrush, such as children with sensory issues, mobility issues and other complications.


For children with disabilities, brushing can unfortunately sometimes be even more of a struggle. Children with impaired mobility can have a hard time brushing by themselves, and children with sensory issues often dislike the feeling of manual or electric toothbrushes. AutoBrush® for Kids has helped a lot of families overcome these issues and has helped their children be able to independently brush by themselves.

How We Can Help You

Abby has been using her AutoBrush® for Kids for over a year now, and she loves it. Her parents are doing everything they can to make sure that Abby gets the support she needs to be able to be as independent as possible.

“It has made such a difference in her daily life, which in turn has been such a relief in ours! This has made the task of brushing teeth something that Abby can do completely independently.” Emily Meagher Abby’s mom

132 Customer Reviews

It’s So Easy and Fun, Your Child Will Never Skip Brushing Again! Your kids will beg to brush their teeth

Step 1

Attach the brush head to an animal friend. Run foaming toothpaste along the top and bottom of the brush head from one end to the other.

Step 2

Have your child insert the brush head into their mouth and bite down so silicone bristles wrap around all teeth, top and bottom, inside and out.

Step 3

Press the button on the front face of the battery capsule to start the fun! Your animal friend will play a lively safari tune and automatically vibrate to brush all teeth and gums simultaneously.

Change Your Child’s Life For The Better

  • Easy for kids to hold and use
  • Effective at removing plaque and preventing cavities
  • Safari animals and music make cleaning fun
  • The grown-up version is available for easy adoption
  • Fast brush time for impatient children
  • Gentle vibrations prevent harm to sensitive kiddo gums
  • Fun foaming toothpaste that is SLS free, fluoride-free, non-GMO and Vegan available in yummy strawberry or bubblegum

Create A Healthy Brushing Habit Before It’s Too Late!

132 Customer Reviews

Ready to give your favorite child a lifetime of healthy smiles?

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132 Customer Reviews