Saving Time

When you’re rushing in the morning, a task as seemingly menial as brushing your teeth can seem like a major time-consuming chore. Most people, if they could, would cut down on their brushing time so they can get to where they’re going faster. Unlike traditional toothbrushes or even other electric toothbrushes, the AutoBrush saves a tremendous amount of time brushing teeth. This is because the AutoBrush brushes all of your teeth at once, hitting just the right angles. Due to a 360-degree brush head design, it wraps around all of the teeth drastically cutting down brushing time from what would be 2-3 minutes to under 30 seconds. Wow, that’s fast!

Brushing and facial cleansing at the same time.

No Room For Error

Even the most ardent oral hygiene caretakers are prone to human error. Someone who brushes the recommended two times daily for 2-3 minutes can still be missing out on the best possible brushing for their teeth. Other factors to consider are the different angles necessary for completely cleaning teeth, the force with which one brushes, and remembering to get every single spot. Nobody is perfect and get these right every single time, but the AutoBrush can. It removes any room for human error by automatically brushing at the necessary angles and proper force.

Fresh breath after using the AutoBrush.

Whiter Teeth

The AutoBrush comes with a teeth whitening blue light attachment that is used in unison with the AutoBrush Teeth Whitening Kit. Blue light technology is the most effective method of teeth whitening and helps the teeth whitening gel brighten the shades of your teeth. This is a feat that is simply not achievable with a regular toothbrush. Most people would have to take a trip to the dentist and spend large sums of money to get their teeth whitened as effectively.

Effectively white teeth.


The beauty of the AutoBrush being automatic is that it’s hands-free brushing. That means multi-tasking. You don’t have to stand over the sink and stare at yourself in the mirror. Instead, you can pop it in and go finish getting ready in the morning while the AutoBrush does all the work on your teeth.

Brushing teeth and making tea at the same time!

No Effort

Another benefit of the AutoBrush being completely automatic is not only that it saves time, gives you the best clean, and enables you to multitask, but that it requires no effort at all. It’s the most obvious benefit, but you don’t have to brush yourself. You don’t have to focus on your technique or decide when you’re done. It’s all taken care of for you. Life is about making things easier. AutoBrush even offers additional brush head replacements.

The fact of the matter is those who still use a traditional toothbrush are not taking care of their teeth as they should be. Technology has changed and we now have the ability to do better. The AutoBrush perfects where the traditional brush has flaws, and is the next step in at-home oral hygiene.