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5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Scrape your Tongue

Woman showing her teeth and tongue with red lipstick, for AutoBrush


  1. What is Tongue-Scraping?
  2. 5 Reasons why you SHOULD scrape your tongue:
  3. Reduce bad breath
  4. Improve sense of taste
  5. Improve overall health
  6. Enhance your digestive health
  7. Improve the appearance of your tongue
  8. Introducing our Automatic Fresh Breath Tongue Scraper


What is Tongue-Scraping?


Tongue-scraping is an oral hygiene practice that removes bacteria, food debris, fungi, toxins, and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. It is done with the use of a small, slightly rounded tool from plastic or metal.


5 Reasons why you SHOULD scrape your tongue:


Reduce bad breath


Halitosis is horrible and can have a negative impact in a person’s life and confidence. According to some clinical studies, tongue scraping reduces and removes odor-causing bacteria.


Woman sticking out her tongue wearing red polka dot top, for AutoBrush


Improve sense of taste


Removing the build-up from the surface of your tongue can make a great improvement on your taste buds. Your taste buds are more exposed, allowing you to recognize and enjoy more flavors. 


Spoons full of herbs and spices on a black table, for AutoBrush


Improve overall health


Removing bacteria from your tongue and all parts of your mouth is key to a healthier oral health. Scraping your tongue can prevent cavities, gum disease and other health problems affecting your mouth.


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Enhance your digestive health


Digestion begins in the mouth and the food is chewed and is tasted. It is important to remove any toxins in that might prevent your digestive system to function properly. Scraping your tongue also stimulate your saliva that could help in moistening your food.


A woman smiling holding fruits on her hand, for AutoBrush


Improve the appearance of your tongue


Have you ever tried looking at the mirror and stick out your tongue? It might seem to have a white, coated appearance. Those are excess debris buildup that can be removed by scraping your tongue.


A woman with nose earring sticking out her tongue, for AutoBrush blog


Introducing our Automatic Fresh Breath Tongue Scraper

AutoBrush is excited to announce the release of our one-of-a-kind Automatic Fresh Breath Tongue Scraper!

This attachment can be added to your AutoBrush to clean your tongue automatically and thoroughly. Seamlessly remove ALL odor-causing bacteria from your tongue and experience amazingly fresh breath!


Get yours now >>>

Liquid Foaming Toothpaste: What Makes It Unique?

Womans smile with half teeth yellow, half teeth white, for AutoBrush blog

Going to the dentist or dental care, in general, is becoming more expensive each year. That is why people are now becoming even more conscious of their oral hygiene and their teeth in particular. In my opinion, even if going to the dentist is affordable, we should still take good care of our teeth. They are not only used for chewing but is essential if you want to make a good impression when you smile. Nothing says “winner” or “success” than an awesome smile. Imagine if you are going for a job interview or a first date and your teeth have that nasty shade of yellow. It can certainly affect your confidence which is disastrous for both scenarios. No job and no second date, don’t even think about getting that kiss, which is a real bummer. We do not want to be in these situations. Invest in your teeth. Putting dental care as one of your priorities can certainly go a long way.

There are many products out there in the market that claim that they can give you that winning smile. Some of them do while some give average results. The most expensive ones do give the desired results but well, they are expensive. I did say that it is a good idea to invest in your teeth but it is also a good idea to be smart about it. Expensive does not always mean the best. There are many options out there but you might want to check out our Liquid Foaming Toothpaste. Be smart.

Dual Action Cleaning

Time is gold. We know how important time is especially for people on the go or for those who have a hectic schedule. Our Liquid Foaming Toothpaste has a one-step dual-action micro-foam that cleans and whitens at the same time. It does a great job when used by itself as a mouthwash but an even better job when used with the AutoBrush as toothpaste. You get a mouthwash and toothpaste for the price of one. It sounds like a good deal to me.

Deep Cleansing

If you do a quick research, you will notice that all of the teeth brushing techniques are all about getting to those hard to reach places. The thing is, they are most effective if used with the right toothpaste. Our toothpaste is the right one. It neutralizes harmful acids that will damage teeth and penetrates between the teeth and gum line for that deep clean.

Removes More Carcinogenic Plaque

We don’t need to tell you that carcinogenic plaque can do real damage to your pearly whites. Good thing that our Liquid Foaming Toothpaste can get to those hard to reach places and get rid of that nasty plaque. This is due to its superior density compared to other toothpastes in the market.

Negative Effects of Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard

Woman brushing teeth with black, charcoal toothpaste, for AutoBrush blog

Are you guilty of using hard bristle toothbrush and scrubbing your teeth too hard because you thought this is how you get rid of plaque and bad breath? If your answer is yes, you are probably brushing your teeth the wrong way.


Dark pink traditional toothbrush with green nylon bristles in front of green background, for AutoBrush blog

Brushing your teeth too hard or using the wrong toothbrush can damage both your teeth and gums. It could lead to one of these dental problems:

  • Receding gums

One of the reasons why your gums are receding is overbrushing. You could harm your delicate gum tissue by brushing your teeth too hard. Gum recession can cause painful sensitivity or tooth loss.

When it comes to your gums, gentle brushing maneuvers is all you need. It is better than doing it aggressively. 


Person picking dentures with gum pick, for AutoBrush blog

  • Sensitive Teeth

Having sensitive teeth is not at all fun! You’ll feel a discomfort whenever you are eating an icecream or a hot coffee. You can only eat food that are room temperature. Brushing too harshly can lead your teeth to being too sensitive. 

If you brush your teeth too hard, you may wear down the enamel on your teeth.. Your enamel is responsible for protecting your teeth and once it is weakened, it may lead to tooth sensitivity.


Ice cream cone spilled on the floor, for AutoBrush blog

  • Bleeding Gums

The most common effect of brushing too hard is bleeding gums. If your gums are bleeding whenever you brush your teeth, it may be a symptom of gingivitis or poor oral hygiene. It could also mean that you are being too aggressive with your teeth. You might as well consider using a softer bristle toothbrush.


Woman brushing teeth with black, charcoal toothpaste, for AutoBrush blog

How to prevent brushing your teeth too hard?

  • Use soft or extra soft bristle toothbrush.
  • Be gentle with your brushing.
  • Regularly change your toothbrush.
  • Use electric toothbrush.
  • Always remember to brush smarter not harder!