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Are You Good At Brushing?

Brushing is more complex than a lot of people think. Even things like choosing the correct toothpaste can make all the difference. Most people never even consider their brush size, which should be the correct size for your mouth. Don’t forget a soft-bristled brush, because harder bristles can damage teeth. 

Can I Have Another Drink?

Like any other drinks or food, there are alcoholic beverages that are just a wee bit better at staining and eating away at your teeth than others. However, it’s important to note that there is no alcoholic beverage that is good for your teeth. Alcohol in general is unhealthy to consume, and especially in large quantities. 

Just One More Bite

It’s late at night, you’ve been binge-watching your new favorite show for hours, and your stomach starts to rumble. We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s even your normal routine, no judgment here. But these late night snacks come with a price, and that price is charged to your oral hygiene.

An Apple A Day Keeps the Dentist Away

Did you know that according to the CDC, twenty percent of children between 5 and 11 years old have untreated tooth decay? Or that thirteen percent of kids between 12 and 19 years old have tooth decay as well? 

Valentine's Day Hygiene Hacks

If you’re interested in foods that won’t harm your breath, check out our post on breath saving foods for Valentine’s Day. But there’s more you can do to make your breath safe, and we’ve compiled some simple yet effective hygi...

Breath Saving Foods for Valentine's Day

But the last thing you want is to be sitting at dinner and realize that after all the food you ate and wine you drank, your breath stinks and your teeth are stained. Oh no! Not worry, we’ve compiled a list for you of the best foods to eat on Valentine’s Day so you can navigate through your day without having to worry about any embarrassing breath or teeth stains.