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Liquid Foaming Toothpaste: What Makes It Unique?

Womans smile with half teeth yellow, half teeth white, for AutoBrush blog

Going to the dentist or dental care, in general, is becoming more expensive each year. That is why people are now becoming even more conscious of their oral hygiene and their teeth in particular. In my opinion, even if going to the dentist is affordable, we should still take good care of our teeth. They are not only used for chewing but is essential if you want to make a good impression when you smile. Nothing says “winner” or “success” than an awesome smile. Imagine if you are going for a job interview or a first date and your teeth have that nasty shade of yellow. It can certainly affect your confidence which is disastrous for both scenarios. No job and no second date, don’t even think about getting that kiss, which is a real bummer. We do not want to be in these situations. Invest in your teeth. Putting dental care as one of your priorities can certainly go a long way.

There are many products out there in the market that claim that they can give you that winning smile. Some of them do while some give average results. The most expensive ones do give the desired results but well, they are expensive. I did say that it is a good idea to invest in your teeth but it is also a good idea to be smart about it. Expensive does not always mean the best. There are many options out there but you might want to check out our Liquid Foaming Toothpaste. Be smart.

Dual Action Cleaning

Time is gold. We know how important time is especially for people on the go or for those who have a hectic schedule. Our Liquid Foaming Toothpaste has a one-step dual-action micro-foam that cleans and whitens at the same time. It does a great job when used by itself as a mouthwash but an even better job when used with the AutoBrush as toothpaste. You get a mouthwash and toothpaste for the price of one. It sounds like a good deal to me.

Deep Cleansing

If you do a quick research, you will notice that all of the teeth brushing techniques are all about getting to those hard to reach places. The thing is, they are most effective if used with the right toothpaste. Our toothpaste is the right one. It neutralizes harmful acids that will damage teeth and penetrates between the teeth and gum line for that deep clean.

Removes More Carcinogenic Plaque

We don’t need to tell you that carcinogenic plaque can do real damage to your pearly whites. Good thing that our Liquid Foaming Toothpaste can get to those hard to reach places and get rid of that nasty plaque. This is due to its superior density compared to other toothpastes in the market.

We're Now On Kickstarter!

We're Now On Kickstarter!

Every once in a while, we all just want a new “toy” -- it’s just something you never grow out of. But, when you buy that new said, “toy” you want the latest and greatest model. The one that’s the most up-to-date, and the one with all the bells and whistles.  

At AutoBrush, we are creating our latest kids “toy” -- the V3 of the Kids AutoBrush.

What’s so different about the V3?


Well for starters, they are now fully water-proof. Your kid can take these in the tub, and have underwater adventures with them.

Battery Light indicator

They now also have a battery light indicator on the front. So no more devastated children, from an uncharged AutoBrush. You will now know when it’s down to the last 25%, so you can charge away while your kid sleeps peacefully with clean teeth.

Sleeker Design

We’ve re-worked the battery compartment, to make it more compressed so that it’s smaller and lighter. We know your kids love to dance with the AutoBrush, so we wanted to make them as sleek as possible for their smaller hands and large dance moves.

Longer Battery Life

With the re-work of the battery, we were also able to increase the battery life and make them last even longer, so your kid(s) can get in way more brushes and more fun, in one battery.

With all these big changes we want to get it to market faster, and make sure that it has all the “bells and whistles”...we’re proud to announce that starting on Monday, we are launching our V3 Kids AutoBrush on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Prices

For the first few hundred supporters that purchase thru our kick-starter campaign, we will have a special promotional price for you.

3-7 Kids AutoBrush
  • The First 100 supporters will receive $20 off the original price and get their V3 Kids AutoBrush for $79.00
  • The Second 100 supporters will receive $10 off the original price and get their V3 Kids AutoBrush for $89.00
8+ Kids AutoBrush
  • The First 100 supporters will receive $20 off the original price and get their V3 Kids AutoBrush for $79.00
  • The Second 100 supporters will receive $10 off the original price and get their V3 Kids AutoBrush for $89.00

If you aren’t one of the first 400 supporters of the new V3 -- not to worry. You can still pre-order our kids AutoBrush here. And make sure you don’t forget to purchase our kids foaming bubblegum toothpaste too.

Thank you for helping us get to V3 and for making our kids tooth brushing dreams a reality.


How Does Blue LED Light Teeth Whitening Work?

How Does Blue LED Light Teeth Whitening Work?

What is Blue LED Light Teeth Whitening?

At-home dental hygiene technology has improved a lot in recent years. Until recently, blue LED light teeth whitening technology was available only at the dentist’s office. Now, with the innovation of automatic toothbrushes, and hands-free toothbrushes like the AutoBrush, anyone can have their own whitening toothbrush right at home. These innovative 360 degree toothbrushes come with blue LED light teeth whitening technology. But what is it? Blue LED light teeth whitening technology is used to whiten teeth at an accelerated pace, faster and more effectively than regular toothpaste and brushing.

How Does Blue LED Light Teeth Whitening Work?

In the past, UV light teeth whitening technology was used to whiten teeth. However, it was replaced with blue LED light teeth whitening technology because unlike UV light, it’s not carcinogenic and requires less power.

Usually, bleach is the chemical used to whiten teeth. Bleach can penetrate teeth and whiten the internal color as well as the external through a chemical and physical reaction. The bleach goes deep through the enamel and into the dentin, where it lifts discolored molecules and natural color remains.

Unfortunately, this dehydrates the tooth and causes sensitivity. The longer the bleach is on, the worse it gets. Blue LED light significantly speeds up the teeth whitening process of the chemical reaction, making it quicker, safer, and painless. This is why blue LED light teeth whitening technology is used in many automatic toothbrushes.

Blue LED Light Teeth Whitening In The AutoBrush

The best sonic toothbrush on the market, the AutoBrush, utilizes blue LED light teeth whitening as a feature. The innovative hands-free toothbrush offers a teeth whitening kit that works with the brush’s built-in blue LED light feature.

The intuitive process starts with turning on the blue LED light on the AutoBrush. After applying the teeth whitening gel to the brush head, the user bites down on the 360 degree toothbrush head. This is when the whitening process activates. The blue LED light speeds up the teeth whitening process, and after 10 to 30 minutes, the procedure is complete.

A simple rinse is all it takes to go on with your day, and the blue LED teeth whitening technology should begin to show whiter shades of teeth after only a few days. If you want hands-free, simple and quick brushing and teeth whitening right at home, you can order your AutoBrush today at