Is Mouthwash Bad For You?

Mouthwash. From a young age, individuals are instructed to take after this technique to expand the advantages of appropriate oral cleanliness, however, could your mouthwash actually be doing more harm than good?


"It all depends on each individual's oral health concerns," clarifies Barbara Rich, DDS, FAGD, AGD representative. "If someone has a lot of inflammation which is causing bleeding gums, then the side effect of staining caused by some prescription mouthwashes may be worth it to improve their health. Staining can be polished off at the regular semiannual visit to the dentist."


Dr. Rich further clarifies, in any case, that if the fresh taste is your only benefit from utilizing mouthwashes, it can be avoided, and should be if you have dry mouth or get ulcers from alcohol; the main ingredient in most mouthwashes.  


There are two classifications of mouthwashes: cosmetic (over-the-counter) and prescription. Both are intended to help expel oral bacteria previously or in the wake of brushing. Both give a wonderful taste in the mouth and relieve bad breath while lessening microscopic organisms in the mouth. Mouthwashes are endorsed by dental practitioners and contain dynamic benefits that secure against some oral ailments.


Pros of Mouthwash:

  • Enhances gum health.
  • Kills plaque and bacteria
  • Freshens breath
  • Prevents cavities


Cons of Mouthwash:

  • Altered taste
  • Tooth staining
  • Drying of tissues on the mouth
  • Burning sensations
  • Potential ulcers from excessive alcohol


So bottom line? If you do not suffer from dry mouth or ulcers, mouthwash can be a beneficial item added to your dental hygiene if used responsibly and not in excess!

Pro Tip - Always remember to brush your teeth two times a day. Be sure to floss and don’t forget to use a mouthwash that you prefer. It’s important to remember that this is routine you should be doing twice every day. An easier way to get into the habit of doing it properly is investing in an AutoBrush. It makes the routine faster and easier by cleaning your teeth automatically and within 20 seconds.

The more you know…happy swishing!

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