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Does Activated Charcoal Really Work?

One new craze on the internet is brushing your teeth with charcoal. Yes, really! It’s being praised as being even more effective than standard toothpaste, but is it true?

The answer, unfortunately, is not so simple.

“We hear more and more patients becoming interested in activated charcoal products for teeth whitening, but we’d like to set the record straight and remind patients that there are currently no charcoal products that are recommended by the American Dental Association,” said Dr. Kami Hoss, DDS, to INSIDER.

There is simply not enough evidence to show if activated charcoal is effective. However, just because there isn’t enough data yet doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Even so, it’s safer right now utilize proven and effective methods of teeth whitening, as there can even be risk that comes along with using activated charcoal unforeseen by practitioners.

One fact that has been proven to be true is that excessive long-term use of activated charcoal can actually remove enamel and therefore destroy teeth.

It’s not worth destroying your teeth over a fad. If you want to be experimental with your toothpaste, you one that has been certified. Smart toothbrushes like the AutoBrush for example, using a liquid foaming toothpaste proven for its safety and effectiveness. 

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