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Woman in front of a Christmas tree and opening a gift, for AutoBrush

Christmas Gift Guide For The Beauty Guru

  1. AutoBrush Liquid Foaming Toothpaste
  2. Automatic Fresh Breath Tongue Scraper
  3. AutoBrush Mouth Piece
  4. AutoBrush Whitening Tray
  5. The AutoBrush


All of us in one way or another have some sort of routine that we do to make ourselves look a little better. Even if you are not too concerned about the way you look, I bet you still have a few tricks up your sleeve to make you look more presentable to others. Maybe it’s the way you style your hair or applying a certain shade of lipstick that completes your whole look. Then we have that individual who is a full-blown beauty enthusiast. The person who you come to for advice when it comes to beauty matters. In your circle of friends, that person is the beauty guru. The beauty guru could also be you. Either way, since Christmas is fast approaching - what are you going to get your friends?


There are a lot of options out there. Products for beautiful skin and hair. Fashionable clothes and accessories. All of these products are aimed to make you look fabulous. But there is one thing that most people forget. The teeth. Or to be more specific - how important a great set of teeth is, to get that killer smile. Be a good friend and surprise them with these gifts that not only improve oral hygiene but would also make their smiles stand out.


AutoBrush Liquid Foaming Toothpaste


The only toothpaste that you will ever need. Its superior density allows it to reach hard to reach carcinogenic plaque giving your teeth a thorough cleaning. It not only cleans the teeth but also penetrates the gum line for that deep clean feeling. What’s more, the Liquid Foaming Toothpaste can also be used as a mouthwash. It is that good.



Automatic Fresh Breath Tongue Scraper


Mouth odor is not only caused by food debris and particles getting stuck in between our teeth. It is also caused by a buildup of food debris and bacteria on the tongue. Make your breath smell cleaner and fresh by using our Automatic Fresh Breath Tongue Scraper. This attachment is used with the AutoBrush to clean the tongue thoroughly. This would make a great gift for your friends who are not only concerned about their beauty but also about their oral hygiene.



AutoBrush Mouth Piece


The AutoBrush’s mouthpiece is safe to use with braces, veneers, crowns, fillings and all dental appliances. When used with the AutoBrush, it is excellent in cleaning the teeth and is also easy to clean itself. It is made of antibacterial silicone which is effective at removing harmful bacteria without harboring them. It does not scratch the teeth or gums, unlike traditional toothbrushes. This is the answer to better dental care. It is also the answer to your Christmas gift problem.


Extra Brush Head


AutoBrush Whitening Tray


White and clean teeth. The perfect combination of having an awesome smile. AutoBrush Whitening Tray was designed to maximize the teeth’s exposure to the AutoBrush's whitening LED blue light. Just like the AutoBrush Mouth Piece, it is safe to use with all dental appliances. Give the gift of whiter teeth with the AutoBrush Whitening Tray.


Whitening Tray

The AutoBrush


The ultimate Christmas gift to promote dental and oral hygiene. Professional dental cleaning at the comfort of your home. Just pop it in and let it do all the work. It cleans the teeth by vibrations in the mouthpiece causing the silicone bristles to gently yet thoroughly cleans the teeth. With all the eating and drinking that you are going to do this holiday season, the AutoBrush is what you would call a thoughtful gift.


White AutoBrush V3