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7 Tips for Moving in a Pandemic

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It’s mid August, meaning it’s peak time for your next move! Over 40 million of us are doing the same thing right now — including me!

You’ve recently put a down payment and signed papers to your new house. You might be ending your lease and starting afresh somewhere else. If any of these situations apply to you, you’ll almost likely be moving from where you used to live to your new home! If you’re reading this today, the first thing that is probably popping in your mind is how can I do this safely? We certainly are living in unprecedented times, and that means your move calls for unprecedented measures. Here are a few tips to ensure your move goes smoothly and safely!


1. Breathe and Accept That This Time Will be Different —


While this fact might be hard for many of us to accept, times have changed and we need to adapt to those times. Expect the unexpected, and once you do that I promise you that your move will be that much simpler. If you’re expecting an easy, pain-free move I hate to tell you that expectation might be unrealistic.


2. Practice Social Distancing Everywhere You Go —


Take some time to plan out every interaction that you’ll have, outside of immediate family members. Are you going to be using a moving service? Are you moving across state lines? Can your moving service limit face to face interaction? Every interaction that you have in the public light needs to be planned for. Limit exposure to only essential family members where possible.


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This sign tells you everything you need to know!

3. Pack Only What You Need —


That old Van Halen poster you got when you were 10 that’s torn in 6 places or the VCR you kept because you have one VHS may not make the cut!

Use this time to really evaluate what it is you need that’s truly essential. Take this time to go room by room and sort out which items really need to move out with you and which ones can be donated. For those that were How I Met Your Mother Fans, you’ll probably appreciate sending the items that you don’t need to the Bermuda Triangle!


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And no! We don’t mean this one ;)

4. Make Use of What You Have to Pack —


Yep, you heard right! Grocery bags and trash bags work great! If you don’t have any of that stuff on hand, a big Ikea bag usually does the trick: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/frakta-shopping-bag-large-blue-17228340. / . I use old suitcases that would have likely ended up in the Bermuda Triangle and repurpose those to hold any items of relevance. This will save you time from having to go and purchase boxes from UHaul.

If you do happen to have spare boxes, it’s important to label them with what you’re placing inside of them (glassware, cookware, books etc..). I also use bed sheets, towels and comforters to wrap items that are specifically fragile — like glass or electronics to ensure that they stay well covered when stored in a box.


5. Limit Trips When Possible —


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Plan out your moving schedule in advance to try to limit your trips back and forth to no more than 4 trips. If you’re moving a long distance, make sure that you’re renting a large enough moving truck to ensure all of your items will move with you as you travel. Additionally, on the day of your move it’s good to have a suitcase with a few clothes, toiletries and your AutoBrush of course! You can actually pack your toiletries separately in our nifty travel bag.


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Maybe not that big of a truck!

6. Pick One Room if You’re Using a Moving Service —


If you’re using a moving service, it’s good to designate a room that’s large enough for them to put your items in and easy enough for you to disinfect your items before they move inside their permanent places.


7. Remote Installations —


We know you’re excited to hook up your internet and cable to watch the latest episode of Shameless! We are too! So make sure that those hook ups and installations are done remotely to ensure you’re keeping you (and your family safe)

Well that’s it! Let us know how your move went! We’d love to hear how you’re doing and if any of these tips helped. Regardless, we’d love for you to share any tips that you might have to help make others’ move as frictionless as possible.


Highway sign, for AutoBrush blog

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